Michaela Hrobat

Michaela has been assisting at Ladies and Gentlemen for about a year now.

Her talent for doing hair exceeds the time she has already spent in the salon.

As her stylist, when I should be the one teaching her, she actually ends up teaching me. She is extremely dedicated, not only to doing a great job for her clients in her chair, but also to understanding her craft and accomplishing her goal.

Her work is beautiful and she makes it look easy. She is the future of our company and has so much to offer for our clients, other stylists and even to teach students from our schools.

I can only imagine if Michaela puts her mind to it and her heart in it, that she will do very well for herself in our industry!

So as Michaela moves on and off on her own, I wish her the best of luck and suggest anyone looking for a colorist, confidant, stylist and or friend, to meet Michaela and make an appointment to get to know her.

Good luck Michaela. Thank you for your help and friendship! 
-Jamie Smola

Posted on August 16, 2017 and filed under L&G Spotlight.