Cassandra Still

Cassandra Still.jpg

Cassandra is a dreamer and an achiever!

She's always reaching for the stars and I admire her for that because she doesn't stop when she falls down. She gets back up and keeps on going! She is my idol! Love you Cassandra!

When I first met Cassandra she was my assistant. She started training with me and I learned so much from her as much as she learned from me. She was so sweet and kind, and was always trying to better herself just watching everyone’s work around us. She was wonderful with my clients – they loved her! They still asked now that she's on the floor doing her own clients, "where is Cassandra? How is she doing? I miss her, can you tell her I said hi?” In turn, Cassandra remembers all of my clients and that's how it should be – she is special to me! She made a major impact on my clients and they love her dearly!


Cassandra has always had a passion for creating new looks with makeup. She attended Brown Aveda Institute & fell in love with coloring hair as well. She enjoys her new family at Ladies & Gentlemen & loves interacting with her clients. She excels at creating fresh new looks with makeup & hair color with the changing of the seasons.

-Shannon Domonkos

Posted on October 10, 2017 and filed under L&G Spotlight.