Kyle Taylor

I have always been known for the amount of time I spend in the bathroom aside from bathing!

Whether it was styling my hair, shaving/trimming my facial hair, tweezing and waxing my 1 eyebrow to make 2, giving myself mani/pedis, covering up acne, or all of the above. My appearance is very important to me and I enjoy taking care of it. I didn't always have good skin growing up and I became very interested in taking care of it, especially after battling acne.

I never knew that there were others like myself until I came to Ladies & Gentlemen and met my Esthetician Andrea Martin. I discovered how relaxing and good it felt to have someone else take care of your appearance and it sparked my interest. At the time I was studying medicine with a passion for skincare and helping people feel good about themselves. I learned of how nurses with esthetics training could go on to lead dermatology practices and soon started my journey to become one.

I graduated from Brown Aveda Institute in Rocky River and obtained my license in Managing Esthetics and Manicuring. Currently I am working on my degree to become a nurse and could not be happier with the career I already have while in school.

Working at L&G as an Esthetician allows me to be independent in my practice while having a great structure and team working with me to achieve a common goal. They give me all of the resources to be most attentive to my clients and their needs which is the most important aspect of my services. I love being a part of the L&G family and am very grateful to be here today!

Posted on February 9, 2016 and filed under L&G Spotlight.