Jen Velotta

After high school, I earned my nail technician’s license and had the opportunity to work in both Cincinnati, OH and Chicago, IL.  

Working as a nail technician for eight years, I pursued my Cosmetology License from The Frederic’s Aveda Institute in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Upon completing my Cosmetology License, I decided to move to Cleveland, Ohio and pursue my career as both a Hair Stylist and Nail Technician.  I decided to come on board with Ladies & Gentleman and collectively worked for the salon for eight incredible years! 

In this ever changing world, not too many people can say that they truly have a passion for what they do for a living.  Wake up every morning; enthused, excited and thrilled to go to work. I can honestly say: I do!  

Ladies & Gentlemen has provided me with the vehicle to exercise my passion for beauty, health and well-being under one roof.  I enjoy continuously learning and it’s a privilege to share; stories, memories and monumental moments with my clients.

Posted on August 3, 2015 and filed under L&G Spotlight.