Teri Markel

From a very early age as a child, I have always been a nurturer & encourager.

I love to help people and to make them feel better both physically & emotionally. It helps to brighten someone’s day to have someone care.

Most of my prior career had been in a medical setting as a medical billing, coding & reimbursement specialist, which involved a lot of attention to detail. I have always had an interest in health & wellness and how these things worked together in a person’s body. Life event changes prompted me to go back to school to become a licensed Esthetician. This combined all my passions into a career where I could pursue the things I love & feel passionate about.

I love to transform a client’s skin in a facial or a body treatment. Both promote overall wellness, relaxation & also to help to learn the skills to properly take care of the skin, which is the body’s largest organ.

In the process, you can also educate the client how to look & feel better. A relaxation massage can help overall wellness & help lessen symptomology of chronic stress or health issues. Using simple make-up techniques can add a new, subtle beauty.

I love a more holistic, organic approach to treatments.  Aromatherapy is another passion I love to incorporate, as it helps aid the body in relaxation & overall calm & well-being. The human touch is a very powerful tool. It can make a person feel nurtured, calm, relaxed, cared for & peaceful.

I love when a client looks in the mirror & can see a noticeable change in their skin, from when they came in. The Ayurvedic philosophy of whole body inclusion, a head-to-toe experience is the perfect example of promoting overall wellness & new, simple changes for self-care. I love to go the “Extra-Mile” to provide a memorable treatment experience.  I love to educate my clients on simple techniques or processes they can use at home, once they leave the spa to also look & feel their best.

I love to further my product knowledge, education & learn new things to offer my clients.  Here at Ladies & Gentlemen we are very fortunate to receive education directly from Aveda Educators.  A highlight of my career, was to meet & have a class with Helga Hefner, Aveda’s Global Skincare Director, who sets the curriculum for Aveda’s Esthetics Programs.

For me, being an Esthetician is also a lifestyle, because overall wellness promotes natural beauty form the inside out. When you look good, you feel good & you radiate a positive glow.

I strive to provide the best possible treatment experience to my clients, so they leave feeling pampered, relaxed & calm with their skin looking & feeling their best.  I like them to feel healthy & glowing each time they leave, so they can experience this each time they return to me for a treatment. I simply love what I do.

Posted on June 30, 2015 and filed under L&G Spotlight.