Shannon Kern

I've been with Ladies & Gentlemen since 2007.

My passion for hair started at the age 9 when I realized my aunt had the coolest job ever as a Hairdresser! I'd watch her style and color hair and loved that she would ask me to hand her things as she needed them. I always wanted to be her "assistant".

Through the years, I was willing to practice to get as good as her! Mesmerized by how every tool worked, I made sure I signed up for beauty school as soon as I graduated. She was my role model and having an aunt who loves what she does made me want to further my interest in hair. Amazingly, I was her actual "assistant" during my internship here at Ladies and Gentlemen and went off on my own to become the hair dresser I saw in myself when I was young. 

Posted on June 25, 2015 and filed under L&G Spotlight.