Megan Boggs

Megan's story illustrates the importance of family.

Everything started back when I was in elementary school.

After my dad left, my mom became a single parent with 4 kids. So she went back to working full time to provide for us. I guess this is where I get my drive and determination to do bigger and better things. Every time there was an obstacle she was  Just having her literally being wonder woman. Working a lot and still being able to make it to all of our sporting events.

The determining factor that brought me to massage therapy was my grandma. When my dad left we lived with her and she helped us out more than words can say. Weather it was picking us up from practice or dropping us off she was always there. During the time I was in high school she was diagnosed with uterine cancer. Going through chemotherapy was very tough on her. She was always tired and sore.

My grandma would always ask one of us if we could rub her back or feet for her. A good amount of the time I was the one who took that task. Afterwards she was always so appreciative and just the calming look on her face said everything. Just doing that and seeing how little can really do so much is how I became interested in massage. That feeling when you get the clients reaction after is so rewarding. She ended up passing my junior year of high school.

Growing up I have played a lot of sports and have always been active. As a result I wanted to have a career in something that involved sports or athletes. Finally senior year I decided to go to school for physical therapy. While working at Ladies & Gentlemen I am still in school working on my degree. Also whenever I am able to I am always trying to get certified in something else.

I am certified in are relaxation, therapeutic, deep tissue, chakra, ashiatsu, prenatal, ortho-bionomy and therapeutic hot stone massage. Come see me at our Mentor and Legacy Village locations!

Posted on June 1, 2015 and filed under L&G Spotlight.